The Best Neighborhoods in McKinney

Certain moments define your adult life. Graduations, weddings, the first time you add a kitchen appliance to a wish list. Adopting a dog, having a child, deciding that your parents were right and 7 PM is the ideal bedtime. Stuff like that.

As a realtor, one of my defining moments came with the realization that I had a favorite neighborhood.

When you’re a kid, your house is just… your house. You don’t spend a lot of time comparing and contrasting it with the others in your city. But as an adult? You’re at risk of spending a Saturday viewing open houses… and enjoying it. And that, dear reader, is how you end up with a mortgage, a KitchenAid, and a favorite neighborhood.

Or, in my case, four favorite neighborhoods. (I know. So extra.)

McKinney is known for, among other things, its Americana, which is one reason I love Tucker Hill. Its picturesque homes and open spaces make this neighborhood feel like a small town, unique and community-centered. The streets and parks are lined with trees, and the central fountain is a favorite gathering place for residents. These days, it’s so rare for communities to gather together at all, so I love that this neighborhood has a dedicated place to meet.

Another of my favorite areas is Tanglewood, located in Stonebridge Ranch, which boasts large lots and homes. I like showing it to my clients who aim to live in a neighborhood with luxury amenities. It’s overflowing with pools (pun intended) and has its own golf course and country club. And since we McKinnians love our greenery, this 5,000-acre community includes 1,200 acres of protected green space. Needless to say, the views are breathtaking.

If getting out in nature is your thing, you’ll probably enjoy the Eldorado area as much as I do. It has walking paths that connect to Bonnie Wenk Park, as well as the town lake, making this the ideal neighborhood for active families. As a parent, I know how hard it can be to drag your kids away from the screens, but the trees around here just scream, “Climb me!”

And finally, when it comes to luxury gated communities, there’s no place like Waterstone Estates. While it’s technically just outside of McKinney’s city limits, its stunning terrain will not be denied. Selfishly, I enjoy bringing my clients here just to look at the trees, but this neighborhood always ends up being a favorite of theirs, too.

What can I say? Some people love sharing their favorite cookie recipe—I love sharing my favorite places to live. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.