Renovations to Help You Fall Back in Love with Your Home

Let’s face it: We don’t often assess the state of our home renovations until we decide it would be fun to host family and friends. Whether it’s a grad party, game night, or a good old-fashioned BBQ, inviting people into your living space can lead you to question… everything.

What were you thinking when you chalk-painted the cabinets four years ago (like, would Joanna Gaines not have been impressed by the coffee table alone)? Will scrubbing the main floor bathroom magically transform your countertops into something more modern? And did you plant those sunflowers in the backyard, or were they a gift from your neighbor’s garden?

We are our own worst critics. Not a soul on Earth will judge your house as harshly as you can. But, as with most things, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement.

If you have the time, the budget, and the inkling, summer can be the perfect season to fall back in love with your home. A few simple upgrades will make a huge difference, and you can even do some of the work yourself (with a little help from YouTube University).

For instance, if you’re looking to target an area with heavy guest traffic, your main floor bathroom is a great place to start. Consider replacing outdated fixtures and adding modern lighting. These updates will immediately enhance your space, and they’re neither overly time-consuming nor expensive. Of course, if you’re in the market for a full remodel, you can also tackle countertops, storage solutions, and anything else your heart desires.

Once your bathroom has been spruced to your specifications, your attention may naturally turn to the heart of your home (a.k.a., the Mother of All Renovations)—the kitchen. If the thought of new fixtures and appliances makes your head spin, skip this part and come back to it later. If, however, you’re prepared to get dirty, it might be time to give your kitchen a fresh, modern look. It’s easy to get carried away with this, so make sure you have a budget in mind before calling any shots. The chalk paint might have been a mistake, but those cabinets are still functional. And that’s the important thing.

For those who aren’t ready to invest in aesthetics (or just love the look of their space—more power to you), consider making a few eco-friendly improvements. You might add a smart thermostat or energy-efficient lightbulbs. The extreme summer heat in McKinney also means that your HVAC unit should be assessed by a licensed professional at least twice a year. No one wants to be stuck waiting for repairs on a 100-degree day. As we like to say here in Texas, that’s egg-fryin’ hot. Being proactive about these upgrades will save both your wallet and your reputation as a man who does not kick his HVAC unit because he just sweat through every shirt he owns.

Then again, if you don’t mind a little sweat, it might be time to enhance your home’s curb appeal. You can brighten up your front yard with landscaping improvements like colorful flowers and trees. (Pro tip: Japanese maples and crape myrtles tend to thrive here.) Even trimming your current assortment of bushes and trees can make a difference in the overall appearance of your house.

As a realtor in McKinney, I’ve had a front-row seat for many a home improvement project, and these are the renovations that consistently impact property value. Whether my clients are buying or selling, I have to ask: Can you imagine hosting people here? And if not, what are you willing to change?

At the end of the day, falling in love with your home is a choice—but it doesn’t have to be a hard one. Start with the projects you can tackle on your own, and go from there. It’s worth it to raise your family and host your friends in a space you can all enjoy.